About Me

Hi, I’m Robyn Proud.

I am a wife, mother of four, mother-in-law and a grandma. I have worked in both mainstream medicine as an Enrolled nurse, in Pharmacy, and now in complementary medicine as a Naturopath.

I have a BHSc (Naturopathy), graduating from Endeavour College in 2015. Since then I have worked with herbal and nutritional companies as a Practitioner Consultant Rep, discussing integrative health while continuing to see clients at Melville Naturopathy.

I was at Melville Naturopathy for four years. In this time I saw clients with a variety of health complaints: gut issues, hormonal complications, stress and fatigue. Also, I have provided support during cancer treatments and help to manage other chronic illnesses.

Highlights for me are assisting people who have been struggling to feel good, achieve improvement in their overall wellness; and of course seeing the beautiful healthy little babies that have been born following lifestyle, diet and supplement support to the mother and baby while in utero.

As a grandmother I have also had the privilege of assisting my own family and others with the best health outcomes for their children.

When covid became a problem in 2020 I decided to close the clinic, but kept in contact with clients who I was currently seeing.

Now it is time for me to reopen in a new space and be open to see more clients that require my experience and expertise.

I stay up to date with the latest evidence available through webinars, seminars and readings from leading professionals in the health industry.