My Approach to Naturopathy

Tree with rich green foliage and large root system

The basis of naturopathy is to find the underlying cause while dealing with the clients’ symptoms and the reason that has brought them to see me. Patients are experts in their own situation, so I believe in listening to them to understand what they feel is important, at the same time enquiring about a total picture of their overall health, lifestyle and family history.

The photo of the tree is how we sometimes live our lives, disconnected to the past or the roots of where we have come from. Discussing where our health concerns come from can equip us to move forward into a new outlook which will help to move us to better health.

To assist in this process, there are a number of health test options:

  • traditional blood tests,
  • integrative and functional pathology profiles, including:
    • hormones,
    • digestive nutrients, and
    • food and environmental sensitivities.

These tests help with a more directed treatment plan and a speedier recovery.

The outcome could be that they need lifestyle changes, supported with herbal medicine and nutritional supplements.

Nutritional medicine is knowing what nutrients are required at what dose to prevent disease, or to know what nutrients are required to support deficiencies that taking medication may cause.

What is naturopathy?

If, in real estate, the motto is Location, Location, Location, then in Naturopathy, the motto would be Prevention, Prevention, Prevention. Naturopathy is a health process that combines modern evidence based practice with traditional healing arts .

Hippocrates (father of medicine) said: “It is more important to know what sort of person has the disease than to know the sort of disease the person has”.

Naturopathy’s core practice is:
Building health rather than responding to disease, this is the ideal lifestyle medicine.

Through research we are discovering all the different genetic issues that can be passed on to the next generations. Which of course is a good thing as they say “forewarned is forearmed”. But to my understanding what this means is the environment turns these genes on and off, depending on our physical environment and our internal biological environment.

The influence on our health can also be because of different impacts on our previous generations. As discussed in the book “it didn’t start with you” by Mark Wolynn.

As a naturopath it is important to take not just a current history but also information from your previous generations where appropriate or necessary.

Then making the right plan to assist you to improve your health and wellbeing and change the direction your health is heading.

My journey to Naturopathy

On finishing school I worked as an enrolled nurse at the Royal Perth Rehabilitation Hospital. After getting married and having 4 children I managed a pharmacy where I came to an amazing realization: many customers were not experiencing great health even though they were consistently taking medication that kept their initial symptoms at bay. Their actual health did not always improve.

This sparked my interest in complementary medicine. I attended Endeavour College and completed a bachelor degree in Health Science specializing in herbs and nutrition.

Since finishing my degree, I have worked in pharmacy as a naturopath and in the health industry as a consultant practitioner representative for nutritional companies. I have also established my own clinic.