Health Concerns

If you are “sick of feeling sick” or would just like to feel healthier, then I would love to assist you. Sometimes we accept our lot and think it is normal, when in actual fact it isn’t.

Women’s Health

Health issues for women are complex across all ages. This can be PMS type symptoms associated with mood changes, abdominal pain or cramping, migraines, anxiety or a variety of individual symptoms The age this starts can be 10 or younger in some cases. Some of the medical solutions are OCP (oral contraception pill) or anti anxiety medication.

While these treatments can definitely resolve some of the symptoms, they can also complicate things later in life.
If you would like to discuss other options to meet your individual needs, please book in to see.

Some women also can suffer with other more complex conditions whether it be irregular periods, endometriosis, difficulty falling pregnant, polycystic ovarian syndrome, or polycystic ovaries.

All these complications can be helped by nutritional support, lifestyle and dietary advice along with herbal medicine.

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As women age, other health concerns become apparent. Menopause is considered a natural and normal process and all women will go through this in some way. But just like the beginning of the journey to womanhood is so different for many women, the same can be said for menopause. Again, different HRT medications assist with this journey, but there are recognised side-effects for some people.

If you would like to discuss some different ways of managing your life changes then please book an appointment. I would love to discuss how we can improve your overall well being.

I’m sure women realize that a big part of what impacts how we manage life is our hormones.
Testing is available to help with a more direct approach to treatment.

Fatigue, stress and gut health

Fatigue Is such a vague condition and it can be very debilitating. So many symptoms!! Some body systems that are not functioning well can also contribute to feeling fatigued. These could be thyroid, blood pressure, different nutrients that are low, iron being a consideration for example.

Stress, for most, is something that is so undefined that we don’t even think we suffer from it! It’s just something we accept as normal … until other problems surface, like insomnia, muscle pain, anxiety, the feeling of exhaustion and not coping with life.

Gut health is a many-faceted condition. Gut issues can be intermittent, be affected by diet, be brought on by “the stress of life”, can be symptomatic of several chronic conditions that affect our Vagus Nerve, commonly called our ‘Rest and Digest’ nerve. When we are stressed, our body shuts down the Vagus Nerve which creates ongoing health issues

Woman lying face down on a grey couch. She is fatigued.

Along with the lifestyle changes, managing your stress can assist in an improvement to your gut health.
If any of these issues resonate with you and you would like the opportunity to address them, please book in and we can tackle them together.

Family Wellbeing

Aside from genetics, Nutrition plays a huge part in family health along with the general external environment ( toxins e.g. mould exposure). The foods we consume are what keeps us going and growing. Or they may be doing just the opposite. Young infants to the elderly all need the best nutrition for the best outcome for whatever may be facing them. Busy lifestyles can lead to quick easy fast foods that are nutritionally deficient. This can compromise our stamina, energy and our health in general.

Healthy aging is so important. Keeping a good muscle:fat ratio will not only help with good posture but it will improve bone health as well, given this is a problem when aging.

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Research shows there are conditions that affect our absorption of nutrients, and that our reaction to different foods may cause adverse reactions, eg headaches , candida, IBS, fatigue and many more that one or more family members may suffer from. Just knowing what foods are in season and eating seasonally can help to alter different conditions.

Sometimes just small changes can lead to enormous improvements in our overall well being.
With many children and even older people developing food sensitivity issues these days, maybe just checking in and discussing your family’s diet and well being as a whole could be beneficial for everyone.

Chronic Conditions

Chronic Diseases are defined broadly as conditions that last more than a year and require ongoing medical attention or limit activities of daily living, or both, eg diabetes, cancer, heart disease and many other conditions that are draining and debilitating to our everyday life (according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC])

We all say things like “This is a family condition” but we must take into account the environment both internally and externally, that can be triggers to our health. Chronic conditions can also be part of long term lifestyle habits that with support and the right nutritional and herbal support can be improved.
If a ‘family condition’ has been part of your life, why not book in and have a discussion about how to reduce its impact on your life and wellbeing.

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Health is multifactorial. Building health rather than responding to disease is the ideal lifestyle medicine and a core practice of naturopathic medicine.

Hippocrates (father of medicine) said “ it is more important to know what sort of person has a disease than to know the sort of disease the person has”.