Tree roots spreading across the forest floor with green leaves scattered

Genetics is strong, but our internal and external environment can predispose us to health complications.

I listen to your story, and work with you to find the underlying causes to your health concerns.

Through evidence based nutritional supplementation, herbs, diet and lifestyle changes, I can support you to transform your health for the better.

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“Lasting changes need to be made with the mind and the heart. Fear stops people from moving forward and I want people to feel good about themselves while I support and encourage them to make changes.”

I can help you with …

Women’s Health

Health issues for women of different ages are very complex. I would like the opportunity to assist you with all your health requirements.


Fatigue can be debilitating especially if it continues long term. I can help restore your energy levels.

Gut Health

The gut is complex and always interacting with the environment, eating and other bodily functions. It  is open to the air, to chemicals and bacteria on food. It is our first line of defence. Other systems are affected when the gut is not working at its best.

Family Wellbeing

Need support to improve your family life and health?

I can support each person in your family to achieve their health potential.

Chronic Conditions

I know life can be complicated. So, we offer you the best support through evidenced based nutritional supplementation, herbs, diet and lifestyle changes where appropriate. We tailor your treatment to your particular health requirements.